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Design and Methods One hundred twenty-five overweight and obese adults participated in the study. The primary endpoint was change in body weight from baseline; secondary endpoints included additional obesity measures and safety parameters.

Results One hundred twenty-three subjects completed the 12-week treatment phase intention-to-treat ITT population: 30 male and 93 female; mean BMI: 29.

The mean body weight change from baseline was 3. Compared with placebo, IQ also showed significantly greater reduction in BMI, body fat composition, and waist circumference. IQ was well tolerated with no adverse reactions reported.

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Introduction Obesity, the fifth leading risk of death worldwide is defined as an excessive fat accumulation that is associated with chronic medical conditions, which reduces life expectancy 1.

It results from a level of energy intake, which exceeds the body's energy expenditure. Obesity is considered as an epidemic public health problem irrespective of genders, ethnicity, and age, affecting one in 10 adults worldwide 2.

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Parametric analysis, such as possible t-test was used generally to determine the treatment between groups.

Similar data are reported from many developing countries including China, Malaysia, and part of South America. Unlike the developed countries, the socioeconomic status in these developing countries is positively correlated with the prevalence of obesity, which is regarded as an indicator of wealth 3.

The tremendous increase of obesity prevalence and incidence in the past two decades has cast a shadow over the world's socioeconomic state 4. However, reducing the total caloric intake can prevent obesity and overweight.

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Previous studies have suggested that, apart from high carbohydrate intake, excessive intake of dietary fat along with insufficient physical activity plays a major role in causing obesity 11.

Therefore, treatments to reduce the intestinal uptake of dietary fat continue to be an effective approach in weight management. However, there is limited choice of effective and safe agents for reducing dietary fat absorption.

However, this pharmacotherapy is associated with gastrointestinal GI side effects such as fecal incontinence, flatus with discharge, oily spotting 13, 16 - 17, and liver injury 18.

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