Zithromax 1000 mg in Great Falls

Zithromax 1000 mg in Great Falls

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Active Ingredient: Azithromycin

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Functionality: Antibiotics
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That medication is FDA approved.
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We shall see how this plays out over the next few months... There are still some mild asthma-like symptoms, but nothing that concerns me too much.

I discovered this by accident. When I took a Zithromax dosage.

This time, I noticed that the symptoms were worse when I was around my house, and better while I was away from the house.

The symptoms themselves were different.

At that time, my plasma changed from very mild to severe.
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Macrolide antibiotics are typically used to ensure infections such as strep throat, dissection, Lyme disease, and respiratory infections.

The most noticeable symptom was chest tightness a "heavy", uncomfortable feeling, similar to having eaten too much, with very little but some wheezing sounds, almost no coughing, and almost no mucus.

I developed an allergy to that cat some months later, which manifested itself in asthma symptoms mainly chest tightness along with a chronic stuffed nose.

Anyway, following thoughts that came up.
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A recent false helped me see that I could respect this, as well.

I tried several months of David Wheldon's triple antibiotic protocol azithromycin weekly, doxycycline daily, a pulse of metronidazole once a month for about 5 days, and ending it with replacing weekly azithromycin with 50 days straight of clarithromycin 500 mg twice daily, but this did not put a lasting stop to these new symptoms.

We eventually decided that it was an allergy to the cat, after suspecting this for a number of months. As we expected, after thoroughly cleaning the house, my asthma symptoms have been steadily decreasing, and I expect them to basically disappear.

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  • This proves to me that the same person can have different kinds of asthma at different times, and perhaps in some cases, different kinds of asthma simultaneously. There is the "bacterial" asthma that I've described on this web page at length, that responds well to antibiotics.

    And there is "allergic" asthma that does not respond well to antibiotics.

    Azithromycin Rating Summary

    It would not surprise me if some people have both kinds simultaneously, and the antibiotics only helps with one of the two asthma variants, leaving symptoms behind of the other variant.

    There are probably other asthma variants as well, such as GERD-related, with which I have less experience. The chronic asthma symptoms that I had while our cat Sandy was living with us are now completely gone.

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    Refills A prescription for this situation is refillable.

    I still occasionally have a sudden bout of asthma-like symptoms along with a respiratory illness, and usually knock it out with about the first 5 weeks 3 Z-Paks or 18 250 mg azithromycin tablets of Dr. Hahn's 12 week protocol.

    This works great, until some months later, an "atypical" respiratory infection recurs, along with asthma symptoms. So, I repeat, again, and again. I have no idea whether this repeated recurrence is because I never truly got rid of the long-term infection, or I have acquired a brand new infection.

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    This has occurred multiple times after a plane flight, which makes me suspicious that I am picking up a new infection from another plane passenger.

    Besides only rarely updating this page, I have been remiss in that I did not mention that I had the privilege of meeting Dr.

    That truly was a pleasure; both of them are my "asthma heroes".

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